Trip to Forganic Farm

Students of the High School and Middle School visited the Forganic farm on the Pali-Khopoli road that practices organic farming of paddy, fruits and various types of medicinal plants. The bus departed from school at 7:30 with the keen students. Breakfast was served on the bus. At the farm, students were first oriented on the benefits of organic farming and their day-long activities. These activities included soft archery, crossing a Burma bridge, rope climbing, trekking through the forest trail, fishing and paddy farming. While carrying out these activities, the students were constantly given information about various plants with unique benefits, shown the preparation of compost, told about the various organisms that help in organic farming and the making of ink from leaves. Students were served hot lunch at the farm and tea and snacks before they left for school. Being the first trip after the lockdown, students enjoyed themselves immensely and learnt life skills in the process.

French Day

La fête Nationale', also known as ‘Bastille Day’ in English is celebrated on the 14th of July every year to signify the French Revolution.

True to its ideology of being International Minded, the DYPIS French Department organised and successfully executed the French Fun Fair to commemorate this date and celebrate the rich French culture.

The welcome song and dance performed by the students dressed in the shades of the French Tricolour created a perfect ambience. All the students from Grades 3 to 12 were treated to some intelligently crafted interactive games and delectable French cuisine.

The spirit of CAS was promoted through this event.

C'était formidable!

Jessica Smith

Good Luck Party GR 10!

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." By T.S. Eliot

With the IGCSE Board Examination being over, the students of Grade 10 were treated to a formal get together organized on Friday, 11th March, 2022 to celebrate their journey.Excited students turned up in their best formalwear. The programme commenced with the inspiring address by our Principal, Ms. Shan Liz Sanju, who congratulated the students for having successfully completed the IGCSE requirements and motivated them to be good human beings. Themusical performances by the students kept the audience enthralled.The speech by the IGCSE Coordinator, Ms. Mitra Mahapatra highlighted the unique qualities eachstudent is endowed with and their contribution towards making the IGCSE Years truly memorable.The evening proceeded with an audio -visual presentation of the messages by the teachers who had been their guiding force. The special performances by the teachers were like cherries on the cake. The journey video brought back sweet memories of the time spent with the friends and teachers at school. The grand event came to a close at 5:30 pm after which everyone proceeded for a High Tea!

Graduation Ceremony, grade 12 - Class of 2022

“Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey.” by Michael Josephson

It was indeed a momentous evening on Saturday, 9th April, 2022 as the students of Grade 12, accompanied by their doting parents, congregated at the Unison Banquets Hall, Fourpoints, Vashi.

The students made a pretty picture donning their academic regalia consisting of black gowns and matching caps. The program commenced at 7 pm with our Principal, Ms. Shan Liz Sanjus’ s address, followed by thefelicitation of the Chief Guest for the event, Ms. Asheka Tenzin, the Academic DirectorDr. D. Y. Patil Group of International Schools. The insightful words of Ms. Asheka Tenzin during her address instilled a sense of achievement in the students and also motivated them to strive for greater success in life. The evening proceeded with the mesmerising performances by the Grade 12 students. The speeches byour Asst. IBDP Coordinator, Ms. Jhumpa Biswas, and A Level Coordinator Ms. Abeda Sajeel highlighted the specific strengths of each of the students that would help them scale greater heights. The teachers who had been constantly guiding and supporting the students during their academic journey showered their blessings on the students and wished them luck. The graduating Class of 2022 were presented with certificates, a token of appreciation for all the hard work that they have put in to achieve their dreams. The students were taken through a visual tour of their journey at DYPIS. The banquet hall resonated with the mellifluous song dedicated by the teachers.

The tossing of the graduation caps and the customary cake cutting ceremony was witnessed by proud parents capturing the sweet moments to be cherished for life!

The celebrations concluded with a delectable dinner.

Here’s wishing our young graduates lots of luck as they take on the first step beyond School frontiers!

"Battle Of The Bands" 2021-22

Battle of the Bands is an interclass band competition organized by D.Y.P.I.S. Music department where each class from Primary School, Middle School and High School form a band with their respective classmates and take part in the competition. This year a Virtual Inter-class Battle of the Bands has been organized where 15 classes formed a band and took part in the competition. Students took part in singing and playing musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, drums, tambourine, shakers etc. There were winners from each section i.e. Primary, middle and High school.

Writing Contest Organised by 'Beyond the Box' Chronicles Edition-8

Sanjam Kaur Saini of grade 6A had participated in a writing contest organised by 'Beyond the Box' Chronicles Edition-8 and had written a prose on the topic 'Sunset.'

We are proud to announce that she came among the selected writers out of 48 participants.

Heartiest Congratulations!

Entrepreneurship Development Program, DYP Nerul Bootcamp

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." Franklin D. Roosevelt


With a mission to nurture entrepreneurial mindset which involves the ability to create, manage and steer one’s career as one’s own enterprise and expose our learners to an array of 21st Century skills like problem solving, decision making, managing failures, creative thinking, leadership, collaborative skills, critical thinking, risk-taking and opportunity evaluation, DYPIS, in collaboration with ENpower organized ‘I.D.E.A. BOOTCAMP’ for the students of Grades 10 and 11. The four-day programme provided the students with opportunities to think out of the box, understand how things function out of their comfort zone and how they can challenge themselves to achieve their goals. Students came up with unbelievably accurate, interesting and elaborate ideas for Business Ventures.

It was indeed an enriching experience!